Construction waste pipes 5m

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Pay in three equal instalments 3 x 355.02

1065.06€ / tk

Stock: In stock

The 5m set consists of:
E136500 base pipe for winch – 1pcs x 158€ + VAT
E136501 main pipe 108cm – 3pcs x 120€ + VAT
E136502 upper part – 1pc x 198€ + VAT
E136504 wall mount upper (adjustable 5-54cm) – 1pc x 157€ + VAT
Weight – 52kg
Total: 873€ + VAT 20%
It is also possible to order a winch E136505 – 242€ and a reinforced lower main pipe 1x for heavy objects E136503 – 217€ (used instead of E136501).

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